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Work From Home For A Respected Family Orientated Company

Work From Home For A Respected Family Orientated Company

The one problem over 90% of everybody that looks for a work from home/home business encounters is finding a program that offers what I like to call 'Right Now Money'.

So what exactly is right now money? It's the money you need to fulfill whatever void you have in your money situation. This can include getting extra cash to pay bills, go on vacations or in my case replace a lost income due to the recession. I know when I first started out in this work from home business I wanted something that could replace my income now. Family IQ is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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So what is Family IQ? It is a company that makes down loadable and regular hard covered Cd's promoting a healthy family relationship and also personal relationships.

I am going to take their first paragraph from their about us section of their website as this explains what they are all about much better then I can:

"Founded by Mark Hobbins in 2001, FamilyIQ has helped thousands of people throughout the world strengthen their families as they improve their own personal, partner and parenting skills. FamilyIQ has received numerous awards and recognitions, including The Society of Technical Communication Excellence Award for its online courses. Offered for the last ten years, primarily through therapists and treatment programs, FamilyIQ's life changing and family strengthening program is now being offered directly to the general public."

I'm not kidding when I say their programs are unreal.

So how do we all make money with this program?

Well what they have done is team up with Rod Stinson. For those of you who don't know who Rod is, he is a top marketer in the home based business profession. He is a great teacher of different ways to market online and off. By combining the Family IQ product line with Rod's marketing strategies this business is turning into a full time income for many, myself included.

Here's how it works in a nutshell. You have 2 different packages you can sign up for. The starter package which costs 5. Here is what is included from Family IQ: FamilyIQ License Fee, My FamilyIQ Test, access to the My FamilyIQ Learning Plan, E-Business Kit, Personal Marketing Website, and a Back Office.

You will also get Rod Stinsons Marketing System. This includes a complete marketing funnel which shows you exactly how to market this company. A capture page to capture leads and send them to Rods webinar where he takes over and creates sales for you. You also get a free auto responder and tons of training.

The other package is the Family Builder Package. This package costs 95. This optional All-Inclusive package includes: FamilyIQ License Fee, My FamilyIQ Test (including eligibility for unlimited retakes), My FamilyIQ Learning Plan, The Core 5 Program, Activities and Articles Library, E-Business Kit, Personal Marketing Website, a Back Office, 1 Free FamilyIQ Seminar, 1 Free FamilyIQ Workshop, and 20 Product Point good toward the purchase of FamilyIQ courses, tests, articles, and audio resources. An additional 20 FamilyIQ Product Bonus Points are awarded when you sign up for the Auto Order Program.

You also get Rods Marketing System and some nice extras for this program.

Now here's how it works. Let's say "John" signed up "Tim" with the starter package for 5. "John" makes a 0 fast start bonus. Now let's say "Tim" signed up for the Family Builder Package. "John" makes a00 fast start bonus.

Now let's keep with the scenario that "Tim" signed up at the 5 price. Say "Tim" gets "Betty" in at the 95 package. "Tim" only gets 0 because he is at the 5 level. "John" will make residual because Tim is in his first level but he will also make another 0 because "Betty's" other money gets passed up to him since "Tim" hasn't upgraded to the 95 level. If "Tim" was at the 95 he would get the whole 00 and "John" would only get .

I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. You receive for each of your down lines referrals 3 levels deep. You also earn for levels 4-9. if any of your referrals order auto order you receive monthly checks on that.

As far as I am concerned this company has gotten it all right. First off you have a company with a noble cause which is making families better, you have tons of great products, a compensation plan that gives you great money right away and a fantastic residual income as well and a marketing system that is beyond doubt top of the line.

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