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The Life of a Work at Home Mom

The Life of a Work at Home Mom

Working from home can be the way to go, but be aware of obstacles that you may encounter. Being a work at home mom can be quite rewarding so let us follow her through her daily routine. The very first thing she must do; attend to her children each morning.

It all depends on their ages, but using her motherly skills she prepares each child for their day. If they are still babies or pre-school then she must either help dress them, maybe even change a diaper at the crack of dawn, and sometimes that can be really early. I must agree that it is probably harder with younger children working from home but you learn to adapt with regular scheduled naps so that you have time for doing the work on the computer. With school age children it is a little easier because you have more of a window of opportunity to schedule your work day.

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However, you must not forget other things you must do such as laundry, house cleaning, and preparing meals. Scheduling is such an important part of being a work at home mom. A typical work at home mom has a calendar filled with scheduled times and appointments organized so she can do her chores, meals, children, and find time to sit at the computer doing her work from home job.

Here is what her calendar might look like for a typical Monday.

1. Alarm goes off at 6:00 am-She gets up showers and dresses, gets kids ready for school, prepares their breakfast, and makes sure they all brush their teeth.

2. 7:30 am-Takes kids to school and drops them off while encouraging them to do well in school. Returns home and feeds fish in aquarium.

3. 8:00 am-Checks her calendar for Monday's appointments. Finds time to check her email and Facebook© account.

4. 8:30 am-Puts in a load of laundry from the weekend, and goes to the bank to make a deposit.

5. 9:00 am-Puts laundry in dryer. Sends out emails to her clients, and looks at her blog to make new entries. Since she is at home virtual assistant she fills out medical forms for patients making sure they are emailed or faxed back to the doctors she is working for. She works for two hours uninterrupted.

6. 11:00 am-Calls to make hair appointment for Friday hoping she can get in after she drops off the kids at school. Hair appointment made. One of the kids forgot his lunch so she must drive back to the school and drop off the lunch. Fortunately, the school is only a few blocks away.

7. 11:30-Takes laundry out of dryer and she folds and puts away the clothes. Next, she waters all the inside plants, a weekly chore she must do.

8. 12:00 pm-She prepares a light lunch because she is on a diet and checks enters the calories on her smart phone. Watches the news to keep up what is happening in her community.

9. 12:30 pm-She calls in a prescription and tells the pharmacy she will pick it up tomorrow. She then does a few chores around the house tidying up here and their.

10. 1:30 pm-Goes back to work on the computer first checking her email to verify that the doctor's offices got the forms she faxed to them. She works on more medical forms she just received. She thinks to her self how much she loves working at home on the computer. She continues her work.

11. 3:00 pm-Time to get ready to pick up the kids from school. Picks the kids up from school and when they get home she gives them each a snack and talks to them about their school day while checking to see who needs mom to help them with their homework.

12. 4:00 pm-Next, she must take her daughter to dance lessons across town, also taking her younger boys with her. The class last one hour and starts at 4:30 pm.

13. 6:00 pm-Home now for the evening she prepares dinner for her family and has it ready in one half hour. After eating dinner the children help clean up with their mom. It is already approaching 7:00 pm and time for the kids to take showers and prepare for 8:00 pm bed time.

14. 8:00 pm-Put children in bed, reading to each one of them, and then tucking them in while they say their prayers.

15. 8:30 pm-The rest of the evening is yours, you watch a previously recorded TV program while reading the newspaper. You stay up long enough to watch the ten o'clock news and then prepare yourself for bed.

16. 10:45 pm-Go to sleep and think about your schedule for tomorrow, goodnight.

As you can see, being a successful work at home mom can be accomplished using a calendar to schedule your daily appointments, making time to do your work and also find time with your family.

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