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Top Business Ideas for College Students

Top Business Ideas for College Students

Anyone who has ever been in college knows that working a full-time job and going to school full-time can present a dilemma of dividing time between work and school. Many students find themselves in need of the extra income, but short on time to really make a lot of extra money. Here are a few of the top business ideas for college students who are short on cash, and short on time!

Childcare services - a college student can be a busy parent's biggest asset. Often their schedules are flexible, and can help a mom and dad with after school pickups, sports practices or allow the parents a much-needed date night! Many college age girls work as nannies or mother's helpers to earn money. Every parent needs a sitter at some point, and a college student could help meet that need.

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Tutoring - many students find at some point in their college career that they need a little extra help in a certain class or area of study. Students who excel in certain subjects can offer a valuable service by offering to tutor other students. This is consistently one of the top business ideas for college students as it really doesn't take much extra preparation or time away from studies. You could also expand this to include editing papers for other students and helping them correct errors.

Music or Sports Lessons - College students who play instruments or excel at sports can offer lessons to children. This allows the child to gain valuable instruction, and the college student to make a little extra money. A potential instructor could also work with high school and junior high bands to find clients.

Become a personal shopper. In today's on-the-go world - people are willing to pay other people to run their errands and do their shopping for them. A personal shopper gets paid to shop, literally. That's what makes this a top business idea - earning money to help ease someone's workload and check items off their to-do list.

Web design or computer repair - today's young adults have grown up with technology. They don't remember a world without CD's, computers, or cell phones. Got a computer problem? Chances are you can call a college student and they can fix it by a couple of clicks with a mouse. Do you need a website designed or maintained? Contact the computer programming department at your local university and see if they have a student they can recommend.

Finally, don't let the lack of job opportunities for college students be discouraging. Don't see a job that works with a busy school schedule? Start one! That great idea could turn into substantial income and in turn be one of the top business ideas for college students!

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