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Website Business Basics for 2012

Website Business Basics for 2012

As we prepare to finish out the first month of 2012, I am often reminded of the New Years' Resolutions that millions of people around the globe set out to achieve, only to give up and quit 30-60 days into their goal setting. Why is that? I genuinely believe people have great intentions, unfortunately in the game of life and in the game of business, only follow-through, commitment, determination and might I add, hope and faith in God and in your God given abilities will see you through in accomplishing your website business goals.

About me, I have been helping private industry and individuals for over 11 years now in reaching personal and professional career goals and business goals in life. But in order for your business plans to be a success, you first need to know how to succeed in coming up with a business plan of action as you grow your website business. I launched my online goal setting website in June 2011 and have learned quite a bit in my 2.5 years of being online, by having the creative visualization in seeing my website business and my website traffic grow during that time. And contrary to popular opinion, nothing happens in a vacuum.

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There is no one size fits all strategy that you can universally use for all websites and all businesses across the globe. Each business niche is different and requires a different approach. I am willing to reveal some of my tried and proven successful marketing tips that you can use and implement, track and monitor to gauge how your website business and your website traffic is doing.

a. Develop a SMART Goals Plan:

I receive many emails from people all across the globe with respect to goal setting for both personal and professional development, and I believe probably the number 1 or 2 reasons why people end up as dismal failures in life and in their businesses is not developing a specific plan of action in their smart goals. Just as you would not take a cross country automobile trip without a proper and update road atlas map, why too, would you embark in such a financial undertaking as a home business without first having the proper tools in seeing you goals through fruition? Your goals must be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. If not you are just setting yourself up for a complete failure.

b. Prioritize your goals into short and long term goals .

Ok, you've got a SMART goals plan and specific action steps that you will need to take to achieve your business goals, but you have to think of your goals as both short and long term ideals. If for example you need to first pay off some credit debt as part of your fiscal debt elimination before you plunk down some hard cash for your business, then it would be very good decision making to first payoff those bills, before going further in debt. Make a list in straight forward standard business writing for short term and long term goals that you need to do in helping you reach your ultimate destination.

Do not move forward with your long term goals until you have first checked off and completed your short term goals. Breaking down your goals into short and long term goals will do two things; it will give you a great sense of accomplishment, by providing you the fuel for self motivation as you continue to chip away at your goals one step at a time. And secondly, it will give you greater self confidence as you accomplish certain tasks which will increase your self esteem.

c. Develop Strong Faith

As a Christian believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, I know first-hand of the power that hope and faith has not only in one's character development and spiritual growth, but also in your personal as well as your business and career goals in life. If you've never trusted God before, you have everything to gain, including life after death. It doesn't matter if you don't quite know how to meditate and pray to God. God understands all and knows your heart. Psalm 139.23; Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. God wants nothing more than to enter into successful relationships with all mankind, including yourself. God wants you to be successful in life, allow him to help you in your business.

d. Have a Positive Attitude

Growing a business or a web-business like anything else worth achieving requires proper time management tips, and perseverance. You will make mistakes, it happens. I have made my share of mistakes since I started my goal setting web-business in June 2009. But you have to keep thing in perspective. Like anything else in life, your attitude spells loud and clear to everyone whether you will succeed or end up as a failure. Just as people will make a judgement on you during the first 1-3 minutes of a job interview for an employment search, so too, will people make judgement on you and your web business good bad or indifferent in what you are stating, both in your business writing and in your oral communication. What message in your attitude or lack thereof are you projecting? Developing an attitude of gratitude and a positive thinking mindset is an absolute must if you want to thrive not just thrive in the web business e-commerce world.

e. Relationship Building Before Revenue Counting

Remember that before you even think of making the sale, you need to first develop and nurture the customer relationship building process first before you even start counting your money. People first need to warm up to you and need to build that level of trust before they will buy from you. Make sure your business is in tune with meeting your customers needs before your financial needs. In a global society that emphasizes the sale at all costs, make sure you put your customers before your pocket book. If you put your customers needs first and treat them with the respect and value that they have, you will not only have a customer for a day, you will have a customer for a lifetime, but if you fail to take heed in understanding the wisdom here, you won't have a business period. Remember, people don't CARE how much you CARE until they KNOW how much you CARE.

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