Friday, February 3, 2012

The truth?

How Can I Earn 0 a Day From Home? (And The Surprising Success SECRET You Are Going to Love)

Earning an extra 0 a day from home CAN change your life. And not because it's going to make you rich, obviously. And not because it's going to free you up to buy anything you want. The REAL reason why 0 a day can permanently change your DNA is as much about MOMENTUM, as it is about money.

The truth?

Getting from ZERO to 0 is much more difficult than getting from one hundred to 3, 4 or even 0 per day or more... ESPECIALLY if you are doing something you love.

So the SECRET is, always focus on passion over profit when picking a niche.

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Contribution over cash.

And building your brand around meaning over money... and you'll be amazed at how much fun your business can be. With that important idea in mind...

I'm going to give you the exact 4 step system you need to parlay your PASSION into profit, and if you truly want to earn an extra 0 a day, this sequence of steps will help you make it happen, and in a hurry.

Step 1 - Create a "content cornerstone", or organizational outline of everything you know about your niche, market or area of expertise. Go both deep and wide... and simply organize all of your niche knowledge in one place.

Step 2 - Find a high paying affiliate offer that addressees the needs of your niche, the higher the EPC of the offer, the more money you will make

Step 3 - Create individual articles around each "topic" in your outline above and submit them to the article directories, very much like what you are reading right now

Step 4 - Create a simple "squeeze page" and put all of these articles into an auto-responder sequence, that is triggered when folks sign up for your list

Step 5 - Every 3rd message, (or as frequently as you are comfortable) recommend the product, or products above to your list, via the auto-responder sequence. Of course you will also have the informational article along with the affiliate recommendation as well... so it's subtle, and not overly overt or obnoxious (this is obviously important... to keep folks engaged with your message).

The BIG picture perspective?


Codify your content above into your OWN product or service, rather than just selling an affiliate product (and that's the easiest way to go from 0 to 0 or more... simply by controlling what you create). However the affiliate angle above is the easiest way to begin... and if you are serious about a simple system that WILL work if you are willing, this is the easiest place to begin! (no gurus required!)

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