Friday, February 3, 2012

Best Business Opportunity of 2012? Depends on The Applicant!

Best Business Opportunity of 2012? Depends on The Applicant!

Imagine one year into the future. You inspected what was claimed to be the Best Business Opportunity. You could start your own business which would result in high levels or low levels of additional income. Or you could decline the opportunity and perhaps have to live the rest of your life regretting it.

Sometimes when opportunities come around a second time, we aren't for one reason or another, in a position to be able to take them again.

Imagine its now 2013, you had decided not to give the business opportunity a go. The world hasn't come to some disastrous end. Things are indeed bad, economically and ecologically. The unemployment statistics have hit an all time high, and unfortunately for you, you are one of these statistics. You are not alone however, as many of your friends, family and colleagues are in the same position as you. All forced to go on job interviews that are beneath them, menial and disheartening, your self respect having been snatched away from you. The average day is spent getting up late, watching daytime tv, maybe visiting friends in their homes as it is free, or walking the dog round the block a couple of times. Thats it. There's no money for anything else. You have become a statistic and a statistic you will probably remain for ever, or a very long time.

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This scenario is happening to hundreds of people everyday. It is an unfortunate fact of today's life.

But, that needn't happen to you, if you take contingency plans against it.

Imagine again that it's 2013, but this time you had decided to give the business opportunity a go. The world around you is still looking grim, but you are looking at it from a different perspective. This time, you are observing the negative aspects of it as an onlooker. You are not actually living them. And not only you. Many of your friends, colleagues and family have joined you in your business venture. They too, are still bringing in an income. Some are bringing in a lot and some are bringing in a little, but they have all avoided becoming an unfortunate 'statistic', and they have a purpose in life, an aim. This is an industry whereby the more you help yourself and succeed, the more you help other people to succeed and help others. They do likewise. It cannot be any other way.

Before you make such an important choice, you have to decide if you have the determination, self motivation, and strength of character to ride the storms that come with any business. There will be people that want to see you fail, there always are. Before you make a decision, above all, you have to know that the business is established, proven, honest and ethical. It must provide a product or service that people need, not one that they just want, or it will not be consistent in its demand. Look into these factors and make an informed decision for yourself, family colleagues and friends.

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Debbie Winstanley BSc(Hons)Psych, MBSCH

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