Friday, February 3, 2012

How Karen Makes 7 a Day Like Clockwork (Without Really "Selling" a Thing!)

How Karen Makes 7 a Day Like Clockwork (Without Really "Selling" a Thing!)

Would an extra 0 a day make a huge difference in your life? If you could literally start a home based business that paid you commissions of several hundred dollars a day within 30 or 45 days WITHOUT having to invest any real money, would that sound like a scam, or too good to be true to YOU?

Most people of course are so conditioned to believe that all offers that "sound too good to be true" probably ARE, and in that respect I certainly don't blame you. The truth is, MOST of them are, and as a result, are pretty much doomed to disappoint from jump.

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With that in mind, I want to tell you a quick story about one of my friends and clients named Karen. She earns upwards of 0 a day, pretty much like clockwork, using a simple strategy that EVERYONE reading this right now can emulate, copy and implement in their own business, starting today.

It's NOT magic. And it's not a mystery. And it's actually so easy to do that it's embarrassing as well!

Here is exactly what she does:

1 - She picked a niche she has tons and tons of passion for (it's actually a spiritual, self-help style niche with lots of latitude, and tons and tons of great products to recommend).

2 - She creates content for 3-4 hours a day. This content is mostly article submissions, very similar to what you reading right now. She does this 90 minutes, twice a day and spends the other 30-45 minutes writing content for her blog, or her email sequence

3 - She researches and finds high value affiliate programs in her niche that have strong EPC, (average earnings per 100 visitors sent) and have a strong resonance with her own ethos and values as well

4 - She submits her articles to the directories, and these submissions promote her self-help community, by driving those interested in learning more to a subscription page. About 30% of her traffic signs up for her list, and as a consequence, gets tons of high value content that helps them "grow" in a myriad of ways (mediation and mind development tools, self-help, spirituality, etc.).

5 - Because the programs she picks have such high conversion rates and great payouts, and because her content generates about 100 new subscribers a day, she only needs to 2 out of every 100 people to make a purchase to average about 0 a day. Remember, she isn't really even selling anything.....rather just providing free materials, and within those materials, aligning herself with vendors who have premium programs that have offers she uses and recommends.

That's really all there is to it.

Executed properly, it's as much about PASSION as it is about profit.

It's a simple strategy, and one that is CONTENT, community and conversion friendly as well! If you commit to consistently create content around what you love, and use that content to build your community, there is nothing that stops you from implementing the above TONIGHT, without needing to invest anything at all.

There is no special software required, no guru's, and no gimmicks either. The truth is, like most great plans for prosperity, It's about RELATIONSHIPS, and rapport, and being true to what you believe in (and if getting "rich" is a byproduct of that, I don't think Karen will complain!).

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