Friday, February 3, 2012

How to Create Your Custom Visualization

How to Create Your Custom Visualization

Some of you may have already experienced the rapid and transformative benefits of guided visualization. And others may have heard about this technique, but aren't really sure what it is - but are interested to learn more.

Quite simply, guided visualization is when you listen to a script or narrative, which has been designed to help you imagine something that "triggers" certain emotional and psychological responses within you.

For example, I provide my clients with guided visualizations that help them conjure up and peacefully deal with a typical, stressful business scenario. I also help them imagine a scene where they actually "vacuum out" their negative energy! I know that may seem a little hard to grasp, but really it's one of my most popular visualizations and one that I frequently use all the time. It's simple, easy, and yes, a little funny too when you picture this wonderful, magical vacuum cleaner sucking away all of your tightness and anxiety, and leaving behind pure, clean energy and feelings.

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Of course, you can certainly create your OWN visualizations - and in fact, I encourage you to do so. For example, your ideal, peaceful setting may be a tropical island. Or it may be something quite different - like hiking in a rainforest. Or it could simply be playing with your kids at the beach, and so on.

To create your custom visualization, simply paint as vivid a picture as you can with words. Describe more than just the scenery. Capture the smells, the sounds, and what you're feeling inside. Then weave your story around an idea. For example, you may visualize yourself walking along the beach, and every wave that comes to the shore is filling you with warm, relaxing energy, while every wave that pulls back into the water is taking away your negative energy.

Or, you can visualize putting sand in a pail - with the sand representing your stress - and then throwing that sand into the ocean where it disappears.

There really are NO limits to what you can create. You just want to remember that the point is to help you remove stress and add self-love. Whatever mechanism in your visualization helps you do this - whether it's a pail or, in my version, a magic vacuum cleaner! - that's just fine.

Your visualization doesn't have to be very long, either. Just a page or two of writing is all that you need. Once it's complete, record it using any basic microphone and the software that's on your computer - you don't need any fancy audio equipment.

Once you've recorded your visualization, play it throughout the day whenever you can. You can even transfer it to your iPod or MP3 player, and carry it with you as your secret weapon against stress!

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